Your Business Can Now Do More With Less

Increase your Business Effectiveness with:

  • Simple systems

  • Centralized Message Platform

  • Clear Pipeline Management

Efficiency & Productivity Awaits

  • Simple Systems: By implementing intelligent, automatic responses to incoming messages (powered by AI), you can book more appointments with less time in your inbox.

  • Central Message Platform: Did that customer message you on Instagram? Wait, maybe they emailed you. No, they actually sent you a text. Truth is, it no longer matters when every individual platform drops into the same central inbox.

  • Clear Pipeline Management: Know where each customer is in the sales process IN SECONDS with our visual pipelines, auto generated tasks, and central notes section on each customer record.

What This Looks Like For You

Less Notification Bubbles

Less Tabs Open

Less Confusion

Say Goodbye To "Notification Stress"

Rest easy knowing ALL of your leads are being contacted promptly. We got this...

With AI intelligently answering your incoming texts, calls, Social comments & DMs, you'll never have to worry about "speed to lead" again. Lead Vortex will gather their relevant info and try to set the appointment without any input from you.

Say goodbye to "I need to get back to them" anxiety.

Start Messaging, Stop Searching

Stop spending time trying to remember where a message you got from a customer came from. In today's hyper-connected world, it's not uncommon to message across multiple platforms.

It doesn't matter if the last message was a call, a text, or an Instagram Message, it's all attached to the customer record in the order it came in. Calls are even recorded for better message retention.

Who Said What?

Every person has wasted 15 minutes before a call sifting through deal notes just to try and figure out what the last thing said to the customer was and who said it.

With Lead Vortex Visual Pipelines (that automatically update) you can instantly know where they are in the sales process and what needs to happen next.

Enter The Vortex Now

Business Chaos Managed. Like You've Never Seen Before

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