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Feel Like You're Trapped In your Own business Without Enough Help?

See how small business owners (just like you) can simplify their life and let systems and automation book their sales appointments & estimates!

July 25th @ 8PM Eastern

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For Small Business Owners

Who Feel Overwhelmed

And Want Simplicity

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Presented By Lead Vortex

We're a software company founded by "bootstrap" entrepreneurs and fellow creatives. Why does this matter to you? Because we don't have endless amounts of money to spend on marketing like some of these Silicon Valley backed software companies.

Much like you, we understand what it's like to work with a limited marketing budget and build something from the ground up. We also understand the time and effort it takes to craft a quality experience for your client.

Since our founding in 2022, we created a simple, but highly effective system to maximize the hard work that you're likely already doing. We understand that you want to focus on serving your customers and NOT worry about spreadsheets, invoices, and contracts. Our system, once implemented, will require very little "upkeep" from you so you can focus on serving your customers & clients.

If you're providing top quality work or service, have happy customers, but feel like you can be managing your business better and making way more money, we're glad you found us. Why? Because you're EXACTLY the type of person we help the most!

So register for the free training and let us show you how to get more return on the efforts your currently making...

-Only 500 Spots Available-

During The Event You'll Discover...

How to Book Consults Automatically

You might not know it, but you can IGNORE your phone 90% of the time it rings. We'll show you how to ignore your phone calls & DMs and STILL turn them into new sales leads.

How To Centralize Communication

Did the customer text you? Email you? or was it a DM on Instagram? Soon it won't matter. We'll show you how to organize communications and not get lost in the multi-platform jungle.

How To Follow-Up More Effectively

Do you know what's going on with EVERY customer in your business at a glance? You will soon. We'll show you how to keep your finger on the pulse of your business automatically.

Don't Miss This Event!

It could change your entire business!



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