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Who & What Is Lead Vortex For?

Our #1 Use Case: Getting You More Customers

First & foremost, Lead Vortex is designed with your top line in mind. Our mantra is "no lead untouched" and we deliver on that with the help of automation & AI.

  • Missed The Ringing Phone? No Problem: If you're a business who takes phone calls, but sometimes misses them because you're with a customer, Lead Vortex will automatically text back those people and try to book a time for them to come in.

  • Went Viral? We'll make you can handle it: It's always a mixed feeling having a social post go viral. On one hand, you LOVE the exposure, but the deluge of messages can be overwhelming. Let Lead Vortex's chat automation sift through them, update the notes, and let you worry about serving the new customers that come in.

  • Google Business Messages: Did you know people can message you right from Google maps? Lead Vortex can integrate with GBP and handle incoming messages for you. It can even answer basic questions and book people to come in.

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