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Reasons Why You Should Promote Lead Vortex...

Reason To Promote: 40% Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Sell once. Collect Forever!

Recurring Affiliate Programs Are Better!

  • Steady Income: By promoting something that has recurring monthly commissions, you'll start every month with a reasonable expectation of what you're going to earn for the month.

    Once you start stacking up Lead Vortex referrals, you'll never have to worry about having a "zero" commission month again.

  • Long-Term Earning Potential: The average user sticks with Lead Vortex for almost 12 months. This means that you can look forward to potentially an entire year of commissions each time you get a new customer referral.

  • Earn On EVERYTHING: We pay commissions on ALL Digital Marketing Misfits Products. If you refer a customer to us, any time their credit card is charged you'll earn 40% of the sale.

    As we build & launch new products, you'll be entitled to commission on those sales even if you referred them YEARS ago.

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Reason To Promote: Lifetime Leads

The closest you can come to a lifetime cookie...

Your Leads Are YOURS For LIFE!

  • No Poaching: Once someone your talking to submits their information into our system, the affiliate cookie is overridden and the lead is hard coded to you. You will never have to worry about another affiliate stealing your leads.

  • No Follow Up Needed: We understand that sometimes sales processes can be long. That's why we have follow-up systems in place that sometimes go out months. 

    But don't worry, if we make a sale 4 months from when the person opts in, you will still get credit.

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Reason To Promote: 360 Day Cookie Window

Get credit for up to ONE YEAR after someone clicks...

Clicks Are Good For a LONG Time...

  • 360 Day Cookie Window: When somebody clicks your affiliate link, they have 360 days to opt in on that same click for you to get credit. 

    Imagine referring somebody in January, and still getting credit on a sale made in October. 🤯

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Wanna See The "Fine Print" Upfront?

No Problem. Check The Affiliate Terms ⬇️

© Lead Vortex 2024 . All rights reserved.

25 S Main St #133; Yardley, PA 19067

©Lead Vortex 2024 . All rights reserved.

25 S Main St #133; Yardley, PA 19067