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The Core Features of Lead Vortex

Feature: CRM

With The Lead Vortex CRM You Can:

  • Track your leads in one place: The Lead Vortex CRM system compiles all of your leads into a single list that is easily searched and filtered. There was only one place you need to go to get all of your customer information.

  • Keep detailed customer notes: Every customer record comes with a field for you to add detailed sales notes. Keep track of pertinent information on your leads to boost your conversions.

    Lead Vortex will also track the page history so you know exactly what your prospect was looking at when they reached out.

  • Keep a single inbox: All conversations (email, text, phone, social DMs) filter into the same inbox so you can carry conversation across platforms and not miss a single message.

Feature: Funnel & Website Builder

With Lead Vortex Funnels & Websites You Can:

  • Build funnels in minutes: The Lead Vortex page builder is built for speed. Using simple drag and drop elements, as well as the full FunnelBlox System, you will be able to build entire web pages and websites in minutes, not days.

  • Manage unlimited websites: There is no cap on the amount of websites and funnels you can build inside of your Lead Vortex account. If you manage multiple brands, you can build multiple websites and keep them separate very easily.

  • Analyze funnel stats: All of your visitor and conversion stats are tracked accurately and placed onto a simple spreadsheet style page. This way, you can make sense of the numbers quickly and make data-driven decisions.

Feature: One-Stop Communication

With Lead Vortex Communication You Can:

  • Email: Email is one of the most effective ways of follow-up, and Lead Vortex allows you to do it at scale through both broadcast campaigns and automated sequences.

  • Text: Sometimes, customers prefer to receive a text for reminders. Lead Vortex makes it easy to automate text message reminders for meetings and such.

  • Social DM: Prefer to close deals in the DMs? Lead Vortex has the power to hook up to your social inbox and manage your messages from there. All DMs get attached to the customer record and are eligible to trigger automation.

  • Call: Prefer to call people the old fashioned way? We can handle that too...

Feature: Automations

With Lead Vortex Automations You Can:

  • Automate Follow Up: Most leads will not buy the first time they see you. However, you do not have to follow up manually. Lead Vortex will do all of the hard work for you.

  • Automate Reminders: Want to increase the show up rate to your Live Events? You can use Lead Vortex automation to send email and text reminders to your attendees.

  • 1-Click Register To Events: Don't you hate having to have your list double opt into things? Lead Vortex has the ability to one-click register existing leads to webinars, lives, and other types of meetings to smooth the customer experience.

Feature: Memberships & Communities

With Lead Vortex Communities You Can:

  • Manage Communities: Warm up your prospects by holding them in a free community before they buy. You can also service your buyers at scale with a private community. Lead Vortex communities offers a safe and secure alternative to using a Facebook group.

  • Host Courses: Hosting and delivering courses is a snap inside of Lead Vortex's course builder. Build unlimited courses in a full feature customer portal.

Feature: Calendars

With Lead Vortex Calendars You Can:

  • Manage Appointments: Lead Vortex syncs up with your Google calendar or Outlook calendar to keep all of your appointments in one spot. Share your calendar with a single link that is constantly updated with your availability.

  • Automate Reminders: Once an appointment gets booked, Lead Vortex's automation takes over. Appointments get Auto confirmed and reminders are sent out leading up to the meeting.

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© Lead Vortex 2024 . All rights reserved.

25 S Main St #133; Yardley, PA 19067

©Lead Vortex 2024 . All rights reserved.

25 S Main St #133; Yardley, PA 19067